Traceability from seed to table

With source information, collected data is traceable and reproducible: farming practices and producer profiles with verified digital transactions, from seed to table.

Farming Managment

Help farmers with accurate on-field data ,as result the plantations efficiently and grow crops of the highest quality standards.

Trading, warehousing & distribution

We serve step in where global value chains fail to adapt to transparent distribution and sustainable sourcing. We drive niche markets to a global scale.


Providing access to credit and insurance through appropriate financial institutes.




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Indofarming is a platform that provides farmers with the resources and tools they need to succeed. They recognize that farmers face numerous challenges daily, which is why they provide various services to assist them in overcoming these difficulties. Indofarming assists farmers with four critical issues: financing, supplies, growing, and selling.

Indofarming is aware that access to funding can be a significant obstacle for farmers. So it provides financing alternatives that are catered to their particular needs. This way, they assist farmers in overcoming these obstacles. For instance, they give farmers access to financing from various sources, including banks and other financial institutions. Indofarming also offers advice and instructional materials to support farmers in making financially wise decisions.

Indofarming assists farmers in getting the supplies they require to run their businesses. They provide various products, all at affordable prices, including seed, fertilizer, and other inputs. To free them up to concentrate on cultivating and harvesting their crops, Jiva works with suppliers to ensure they have access to the best items at the greatest cost.

indofarming offers farmers the resources and tools they require to cultivate their crops successfully. They provide access to technology and equipment that can help boost agricultural yields and quality, as well as training and support on the most recent farming techniques. Jiva also offers educational materials on the best farming techniques so that growers can choose their crops wisely.

Indofarming is committed to assisting farmers in overcoming the difficulties they encounter daily. They offer farmers the resources and services required to develop and flourish in the market.