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There is a lot that people want to know about food. Are farmers getting a fair price? What is the situation with pest control? One way is through blockchain, a technology that acts a digital ledger using a chain of data blocks stored in a computer network. Blockchain is a way of providing farmers, consumers and other stakeholders with information, and it simplifies certification and fraud detection. In agriculture, it can be used to improve transparency, sustainability, and fair compensation.

Indofarming using blockchain to collect and manage farm data, from soil and crop conditions to pest infestation, cultivation process, land ownership and grains transaction in a bid to help improve farmers’ livelihood “Our mission is to provide rural smallholders access to various farm goods, financing and crop insurance,” . “The holy grail for accessibility is availability of accurate and transparent data” which can help farmers in getting loans to finance their production.

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Transforming smallholder farming

Indofarming growing as a driving force for change in Indonesian agriculture. By focusing on digital technology integration,training and mentoring close partnerships with farming communities, we are committed to improving farmer welfare and increasing agricultural productivity in a sustainable manner. Through in-depth training programs and the implementation of leading technology solutions, we not only create new opportunities for farmers, but also support local economic growth. With a vision to create a long-lasting positive impact, we are a new milestone in shaping Indonesia's brighter agricultural future.

Mapping Agricultural Sustainability

Our smart farming, also known as precision agriculture, Indofarming is an innovative approach to agriculture that utilizes technology, data, and advanced techniques to optimize farming practices and increase productivity while minimizing resource wastage . One of the key technologies often integrated into smart farming is a geographic information system (GIS), which helps map legal land for agriculture, provides supply chain transparency, and makes it easier for producers to make decisions related to farm management.


What sets us apart

Agricultural technology is expected to assist farmers in facing challenges such as climate change, land limitations, and increasing market demand. Therefore, the benefits of using agricultural technology are enormous both for farmers and society as a whole. Our technology with deep-rooted human-centered purposes.

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